• TeeJay87
    TeeJay87 closed this thread because:
    A troll with bad schizophrenia. Nuff said.
    10:12, June 30, 2020

    I have noticed you found time to start activities on a new Wiki while keeping the issue you started on the 1st June 2020 unsovlved

    Since abusing the First Amendment is okay on this Wiki (see PinkAquid5's reply on the thread), I'd like to show you a picture where I drew you in the left part of the picture, clad as a burglar, crying and with your memorable quote from the thread, as well as with your own facial features you were kind enough not to conceal.

    I hope you look recognizable enough as yourself, with your facial features and your quote? I did my best to replicate them. Enjoy your gift!

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    • heh, you need to know one lesson, dont judge a book by it's cover. My name may be JennKing92, but I am a man named Thomas Henniger Vonada, 17 years old. A conservative. I don't have instagram, I don't even have a phone. I got Jennking92 randomly. I only came to because I loved the heathcliff series. You are a very toxic person, and I demand a apology. Ban me forever if you don't beleive me. Do whatever you want. I don't care. You and your friend are the anti facists. Heh

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    • As I expected - you're a mere troll and a liar, who steals other people's identities and calls his opponents "toxic" while being toxic yourself. I have pen friends from the United States, who are conservatives and unlike you, they don't rely on backpeddling.

      I also demand apologies from you, Vonada - for your ad hominem attacks, backpeddling, lies, and the master race syndrome you've performed so far, kiddo.

      And the funnies part is that first you say you demand apologies, then you say you don't care. Typical teenage troll without moral spine - you have more between your legs than between your ears. HAHAHA LOL

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    • haha yourself, how could I have lied. you have false judgement and you're mental. If you never would have looked that facebook account. you would have never banned me, you wouldhave left me alone. I should have sticked to my usual 22tgv02., because now of this would of happened. Do you just straight up attack people who names are silmiar to someone and then destory them. you're pathetic. and then you'll say that i'm pathetic and rant more. so, if you're a smart person... And I have proof of my innocence, I remeber having jennking92 as a name and it said would you like to keep this name and I said yes... you would leave4 me alone.I never want to see your face again.

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    • Backpeddling chasing backpeddling. I'd ask if you have an idea what are you talking about, silly little boy, but it's obvious at first glance you have bad case of schizophrenia. Just like all the trolls do.

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