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Sonja (also known as Daphné in Les Entrechats) is the girlfriend of the main protagonist of the franchise, Heathcliff.

Character Overview


Sonja in the comic strip and Ruby-Spears cartoons is loyal to Heathcliff to a great extent. She never cheats on him, but in the comic series from 1985-1991 and Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats, sometimes, other cats like Pussini, Pecks Beefcake or Knuckles attempt to woo her, which seems to wind up facing Heathcliff's rage.


Sonja is a white cat, possibly an Angora. She is often seen with a pink bow around her neck and a pink ribbon on a single strand of hair on the top of her head. She also has a little beauty mark under her left eye. The sclera of her eyes is pale blue. But she is not a pushover, either: In the episode Terrible Tammy, Sonja stepped in to fight Tammy because Heathcliff was neither going to fight nor back down from the bullying female feline, proving Sonja can fight with skills on par with Heathcliff.




The only member of her family to appear was her nephew Eggbert shown in the episode Sonja's Nephew.




Voice Actress

Sonja's voice actor, Marilyn Lightstone, is also known for being the voice of Mrs. Nutmeg.

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