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Riff-Raff is a member of the Catillac Cats and is known for being the leader of the group.


Riff-Raff has lived in the streets for a majority of his life and has always desired of making it big. This desire if what became known into the Catillac Cats, a group consisting of his best friends. Although he has a short temper and a quick fighting attitude, he still acts as a fair gentleman to his love interest, Cleo. He, along with his friends, live in the Junkyard in an old, modified airplane.


Riff-Raff wears a white and pale blue flat cap with a matching pale blue scarf. He is usually seen with a cane and a confident attitude. Riff-Raff has a light orange-brown fur with a black nose.



Riff-Raff has a really strong relationship with Cleo

Riff-Raff with Cleo

and is always there to protect her and to give her what she wants. Riff-Raff acts like a gentleman toward Cleo, especially in the episode Kitten Around, where he gives her flowers and a beautiful date in the Junkyard. However, also in this episode, Roxie is introduced and becomes Riff-Raff’s new date, which eventually comes to Cleo’s attention. This is what causes anger to stir in her emotions and to fight Roxie to win Riff-Raff’s heart. Their hiatus was eventually resolved and the three of them become friends, causing Cleo and Riff-Raff to continue their relationship.


Riff-Raff’s relationship with Roxie has been a bumpy road, causing the two of them to fall for each other. In the episode Kitten Around, Riff-Raff lies to Roxie, causing her to believe that he did not have a girlfriend at the time. The two of them then make a date in the Junkyard, further implying their relationship. The episode concludes with Cleo learning the truth and the two of them uniting to make Riff-Raff learn his mistake.


• Riff-Raff never appeared in the Heathcliff Comics.

• Riff-Raff is the only character from the Catillac Cats episodes to have a girlfriend.