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Mungo McMungo, usually referred to as Mungo, is a member of the Catillac Cats who is known for not being the brightest member.


Although Mungo isn't known for being the "sharpest tool in the shed", he is known for surprising his friends with his unexpected potential and actions, and example being how capable he was at fighting the dogs in the episode Kitty Kat Kennels. He has a tendency to be big-hearted, friendly, kind, inventive, and loyal member of the group. He has even shown self-sacrifice to save Cleo from falling off a building in the episode Cat Balloon.

Another feature Mungo displays is strength. In various episodes, he can pick up the end of a car with ease, as well as an inventive side. This can be seen in the episode, Cat in the Iron Mask when he builds a giant junk statue that doubles as a robot fights some underhanded businessmen who were trying to wreck the junkyard.

Lastly, as his last name suggests, Mungo is of Scottish decent, with two relatives, a male cousin, and his grandmother.


Mungo appears to be wearing a red tank-top styled shirt with a matching beanie hat atop his head. Mungo also has dark grey fur and a pink nose.



Mungo first meets Dixie in the episode The Games of Love and it was love at first sight.