Marcy comic

Marcy from the comics.


Marcy from Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats.

Marcy is the best friend of Iggy Nutmeg.

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

She is naive, but a sweetheart. She enjoys playing with dolls and having tea-parties. She tends to to get crass with Heathcliff when he gets into trouble, but otherwise, she spoils hem rotten by heading him milk from a baby bottle and rides min in her baby stroller. He enjoys this, but tends to get teased by everyone for being treated like a baby.

Episode List

Heathcliff and Marmaduke (1981-1984)

  1. Crazy Daze

Heathcliff and the Cadillac Cats Season 1 (1984-1986)

  1. Chauncey's Great Escape
  2. Mad Dog Catcher
  3. Heathcliff's Pet
  4. May the Best Cat Win
  5. Revenge of the Kitty
  6. Going Shopping
  7. The Gang's All Here
  8. Snow Job
  9. Terrible Tammy
  10. Bamboo Island
  11. The Babysitters
  12. An Officer and an Alley Cat
  13. Service with a Smile
  14. Flying High
  15. Heathcliff's Surprise
  16. The Great Tuna Caper
  17. The Baby Buggy Bad Guys
  18. Momma's Back in Town
  19. Raiders of the Lost Cat

Heathcliff and the Cadillac Cats Season 2 (1986-1988)

  1. Heathcliff's Mom
  2. Cat Day Afternoon
  3. It's a Terrible Life
  4. Hair of the Cat
  5. Break an Egg