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Jimmy is a recurring character from the Heathcliff comic strips.

Character Overview[]

Comics featuring Jimmy show him trying to preform task that require popularity, despite Heathcliff being his only supporter. This leads to comics featuring him to usually involve Jimmy attempting without success things like performing, gaining support, selling merchandise or other task that require popularity, but no-one really likes Jimmy. In a interview with Terence Dollard, Peter Gallagher said, “… for example, with Jimmy, the first Jimmy cartoon I did, and Jimmy is a, for those who don't know, he is this little frog that Heathcliff is trying to promote as the next big thing and nobody is buying it. Heathcliff believes in Jimmy but nobody else does.”[1]

In the week of April 3–8, 2023, we see a new side to Jimmy. Where instead of chasing popularity, he enjoys simpler things in life. Such as blooming with the flowers while Heathcliff observes[2], or him spending time with Heathcliff by jumping his detractors[3]. and on the 6th Jimmy and Heathcliff enjoying a blimp ride together while the blimp has Jimmy's name plastered on it in a large font[4], a more familiar antic that reinforces his unfulfilled desire for fame, and his enjoyment of spending quality time with his fan, Heathcliff. and on the 7th we see Jimmy bring Heathcliff to his birthplace[5] showing us Jimmy isn't afraid to open up to his fan.


Jimmy is a pastel green frog who is about half the height of Heathcliff. he has many black spots on his back, and black dots for eyes. His stomach color is inconsistent, sometimes it is white and sometimes is a pastel green like the rest of his body .


  • Jimmy has a total of two fans, Heathcliff who is show to be his fan in most comics featuring Jimmy. and on march, 19, 2023 it was shown that there was a singular child witnessing his parade, and the child was holding a comically large balloon with Jimmy's name plastered on it while birds claimed "He's got one fan"[6].
  • Jimmy day is February 20th[7]
  • As scene on the April 16th comic the brofish say "brog" when jimmy is in the vicinity. rather than their typical "bro"
  • Jimmy is a therapist[8]