Heathcliff and Marmaduke was an animated series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions, back in 1980. The second season was split into two segments: Marmaduke; and Heathcliff.

The Heathcliff segments focus on the everyday adventures of Heathcliff and the cast from the comic strip.

The Marmaduke segments focus on the adventures of Marmaduke and the cast from his comic strip.

Episode List

Each episode consists of a 6-minute Heathcliff cartoon in between two 6-minute Marmaduke cartoons. Scatman Crothers sang its theme song.

Marmaduke Heathcliff Marmaduke Air date
1 Home Run Rover Gator Go Round Play Grounded 1981-09-12
2 Missy Miseque Crazy Daze Shuttle Off to Buffalo 1981-09-19
3 Wish Bones Caught Cat Napping Wondermutt 1981-09-26
4 Gone with the Whim Dud Boat Seagoing Watchdog 1981-10-03
5 Beach Brawl Of Mice and Menace Tricky Treat 1981-10-10
6 Ghostly Goof Up A Briefcase of Cloak and Dagger Fret Vet 1981-10-17
7 Bearly Camping Tabby and the Pirate Gold Fever Fracas 1981-10-24
8 Police Pooch Mush Heathcliff Mush Bone to Pick with Marmaduke 1981-10-31
9 Surburden Cowboy A Close Encounter Marmaduke of the Movies 1981-11-07
10 Baby Sitting Shenanigans A New Kit on the Block Kitty Sitter 1981-11-14
11 Leapin' Leprechaun Clonin' Around School Daze 1981-11-21
12 Caper Cracker Cat Kit Barking for Dollars 1981-11-28
13 The Lemonade Kid The Great Milk Factory Fracas Double Trouble Maker 1981-12-05


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