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The following list displays all of the status updates for the Heathcliff Wiki, with the most recent update appearing first:

June Update 2019

Hello Heathcliff Community! This is my update for the end of June! I have to say, I've been really busy with school and drawing, but its nice to see that Timmypizza is still here to keep this Wiki alive and thriving! I'm not sure if I will include an update for July or if I should even create these little update messages every month for all of you to read! If you have any questions, like always, you can talk to my by visiting my Message Wall! See you all real soon and take care! -PinkSquid5 (6/25/2019)

Update for April 2019

Hello everyone once again! I have recently added an additional column to our home page! I'm not sure what to add, so I will try to post my latest Community Board update to this column! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message me, I would love to hear what you fans would like to see! Have an amazing day everyone! :D -PinkSquid5 (4/14/2019)

Domain Change Success

Greetings everyone! The time has came, and the Heathcliff Wiki has had a slight URL adjustment! The URL now reads instead of before, which read However, in order to access a page on our FANDOM, both URL work in the same way. This means that if you use “wikia” in the link, it’ll redirect to “fandom”. Any questions? Feel free to contact one of the Admins! Have an excellent day and Happy Valentine’s Day! :D -PinkSquid5 (2/13/2019)

Domain Change Update

Hello everyone! As a some of you may already know, a majority of Wikis have been changing their URL from “wikia” to “fandom”. The same applies to the Heathcliff Wiki, so in the upcoming week or two, you may be seeing changes done to our website! If you want to know more about this change, this link may be of assistance! If you have any questions, feel free to message one of us, the Admins! Have an excellent Valentine’s Day! Love you all! -PinkSquid5 (2/7/2019)


Hello everyone and welcome to the Heathcliff Wiki! A big special welcome to all of the new editors that have recently joined our team and the extensive support from all you Heathcliff fans! Although this wiki has been around for many years, it still hasn’t received the amount of attention as other FANDOMS include and I am helping to fix that! My name is PinkSquid5, and you will be seeing me a lot around this Wiki! XD I have recently added a new Discussion board, polls on the main page, this Wiki’s woodmark, and this new Community page, so I am continuing to add new features that will help us grow as a community! If you have any questions, please feel free to either ask me or my other fellow admin, Timmypizza! We hope you enjoy your time here on our Wiki and please be aware that a majority of the pages found here are either incomplete or in need of attention, and we recommend anyone interested and anyone who may know information about Heathcliff to begin editing! Thank you for reading this and have a great day! :D -PinkSquid5 (1/10/2019)

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