Fish Food is a recurring joke within the Heathcliff comic strip, describing examples of Heathcliff's meals which leap spontaneously from his hands as he eats them, usually in the form of a salmon or trout. It is notably similar to a related recurring joke, Flying Food 


Comics depicting Fish Food will show an item of food, about to be consumed by Heathcliff, leaping from his hands in the form of a fish. Why there are live fish (complete with a splash from a body of water that is not shown) in Heathcliff's food is not explained, but it can be assumed that this is a reference to the phenomenon of fish jumping from the water in the wild.

The type of fish is unknown, and frequent color changes make it difficult to ascertain exactly what breed escapes from Heathcliff most often. In design, the fish appears salmon-like in appearance, and its leaping is reminiscent of salmon swimming upstream.